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It is important that flowers retain its freshness. The longer it stays in the original form, the better for admiration and reminder of what message it conveys. Summer Lilly’s Isle of Wight flower shop provides some care tips and increase the vase life of the bloom. Just a few simple care tips can go a long way.

Guide and Tips to Care Flowers:

Cut the Stems

For floral arrangements, the stems are usually inserted in a brick foam that is filled with water. All you must do is maintain the water so the arrangement will last longer. Once you remove the flowers from the packaging, foliage must be trimmed below the water level. This prevents bacteria from growing. Cut the stem not more than 2 inches from the ends at an angle. The cut angle will insure maximum hydration.

Change the Water

Flowers drink a lot of water to live longer. Change water in your vase to avoid rotten smell. You should change the water every 2-3 days this will help to keep your flowers fresh longer. When refilling water in your vase, gently pour water in at the top of the flowers.

Clean the Vase Regularly

If the flowers are not arranged and are loose, the first thing to do is to place them in a clean vase. Make sure the vase is washed to avoid any contamination. Bacteria can cause flowers to wither fast. Make sure that the container does not allow overcrowding once you transfer the flowers. Fill the vase with clean water. Some flowers like gerberas, lilies, daffodils and tulips prefer cold water. All the flower stems and foliage must be submerged in water.

Avoid Direct to Sunlight

Flowers will not wither fast if you avoid placing them in direct sunlight or heat. Avoid placing the vase or container on top of an appliance that emits heat. Do not place flowers near fruit trays because the fruits discharge ethylene which cause flowers to prematurely wither.

Flower Maintenance

You should remove any wither or dead foliage every 2-3 days. Check the water level and change this when it begins to look dirty. You can add flower preservatives to add more life.