It's Thanksgiving Day! A season of giving thanks to someone who has shown their kindness. Here is your chance to say thank you to our fabulous flowers. Flowers can let them know that you sincerely mean it.

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Thanksgiving Day Flower Delivery Plumstead

Thanksgiving is a federal holiday in the US. It was in 1789 that the occasion was first nationally celebrated and was known as Harvest Festival as it was a celebration of successful reaping of the past season. Back in 1621, settlers of the Plymouth Plantation had a prosperous reaping season that they held the most notable historic fall-winter feast or thanksgiving. It was then continually celebrated as a religious observance and eventually became a public tradition. After a long on and off celebration history, Thanksgiving Day was then finally proclaimed and celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. Since then, it has been a tradition of starting big holiday seasons of the year like Christmas and New Year from Thanksgiving in American culture.

Thanksgiving Day would not be complete if there are no foods on the table. It does say that Americans eat a whole lot of food during this occasion than any other day of the year. Foods served during this occasion are usually mashed potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, sweet corns, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, and some fall vegetables such as brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, and squash. And who would ever forget to include the traditionally featured turkey, roasted and stuffed or sometimes deep-fried, that is set smokily at the center of a table with an exquisite flower arrangement? These foods of the season played a significant role in the occasion as it is what makes the celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated not only by having family dinner time but also by doing charitable works for the less fortunate. Some volunteers dedicate time to offer Thanksgiving dinners to hundreds of people in different areas. There are also lots of grand events held in some towns for the celebration like parades with different themes, concerts, displays of huge balloons in different cartoon characters, processions of celebrities and marching bands playing in the streets. And of course football games or the informal “Turkey Bowl” shouldn’t be missed in celebrating Thanksgiving Day whom amateur groups or organizations play for fun.

Thanksgiving Eve, the night before Thanksgiving, is usually the most bustling time of the year as many students and others return to their hometowns to reunite with family and friends. Some businesses and government workers are given paid holidays so that they could spend time with their families. But not all Thanksgiving Day is celebrated at home. Some travel or rent a place where they could spend the occasion for a change.

Thanksgiving Day, as aforementioned, is a yearly celebration to commemorate a bountiful autumn season. Celebrating this in unison with the people around the world makes the occasion special. And unity and kindness will be felt by everyone.

Being far from home doesn’t mean you can’t extend and express your affection to your loved ones. We can help you make them feel how much you love them. Delightfully crafted flower bouquets that are perfect for gifting on Thanksgiving Day are just at the tip of your fingers. Send them flowers with a heartfelt message that will warm their longing hearts.

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